Danish Schools Refuse to Admit Jews Out of Fear of Violence… From Muslim Students

Danish school administrators are refusing to allow Jews to enroll out of fear of violence… Not from the Jewish children, but from the Muslim immigrant children that attend the schools.
The Copenhagen Post reported, via Infidel Bloggers Alliance:

A number of school administrators have come forth in recent days to confirm that they recommend Jewish children should not enrol at their schools.

According to school administrators, law enforcement officials and social workers, the on-going conflict in Gaza has led to heightened tensions between Jews and Arabs – particularly Palestinians – here in Denmark.

And although few headmasters of schools have faced the situation, most of those at schools with a high percentage of children of Arab descent say they try to prevent Jewish parents from enrolling their children there.

On Monday, headmaster Olav Nielsen of Humlehave School in Odense publicly admitted he would refuse Jewish parents’ wish to place their child at his school.

But don’t worry.
Mark Steyn says if you think its bad now, just wait 10 years.

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