Coulter-Lauer Brawl On Today Show (Video)

Ann Coulter took on Matt Lauer this morning on the Today Show.
This was great entertainment. Lauer is bright but he was no match for Coulter who is promoting her latest book Guilty. Even his constant interruptions didn’t help him much:

HotAir has more on the brawl.

Here’s one exchange:


Lauer: “It seems to me that people decided that it’s time to address the issues that face this country the economy, unemployment, things like that. And to maybe concentrate less on what divides us. Did you not get that sense from this?”

Ann: “No. No to the contrary and as I detail at great length in this book. To say that we want to concentrate on the issues then why wasn’t B. Hussein Obama asked about the issues. He was asked, the tough gotcha questions he got from the media were things like ‘How did you feel tonight? You must have been thinking about your parents?’ Meanwhile Sarah Palin is memorizing the last 7 kings of Swaziland.”

Lauer (interrupting): “Do you not get a sense that people want a different tone, a different attitude. That they want maybe to maybe start to pull together?”

Ann: “No. I think liberals want conservatives to stop talking so you can keep telling us how marvelous B. Hussein Obama is.”

You’ve just got to love how liberals tell you- We have to come together now… America voted for change… America wants a different tone… We need to pull together… After they’ve ripped on President Bush, the military, and conservatives nonstop for the past 8 years.
Like we didn’t notice.

Retire05 adds:

“Why can’t we just all get along?” is now the new mantra of the left.

Here’s why:

After 8 years of hearing how President Bush was illegitimate because he stole the election from that dimwit, Gore, after 8 years of making a dirty word out of “cowboy”, after 8 years of ranting about how stupid Bush is, after 7 years of hearing how 9-11 was an inside job, after 7 years of “the war is illegal” crap, after 5 years of hearing “the war is lost”, IT IS OUR TURN. DEAL WITH IT.

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