Conservatism 2.0 Conference Feb. 26-28, 2009

Conservatism 2.0 – Uniting the Next Generation Online
– A joint conference with CPAC – Washington, D.C., Feb. 26-28, 2009

The C2.0 Conference will bring a fresh, broad spectrum of grass-roots activists, bloggers, students and scholars to Washington, D.C. to focus on online empowerment and new media strategies for shaping the future of conservatism.

Empowerment through the web and new media

• Engaging individuals and communities through new social media such as Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Internet TV
• Exposing voices, leaders, information, opinions that the mainstream media do not want you to see or hear.


The First Conservatism 2.0 Conference
Sponsored by Pajamas TV and held as a joint conference with CPAC 2009. Online participation via Pajamas TV. CPAC Bloggers’ Row is also sponsored by Pajamas Media.

Conservatives, Libertarians, Center Right
College conservatives
Hollywood Conservatives, Conservative Democrats (9/11, Reagan and Blue Dog Democrats)

Featured Participants:

Joe The Plumber, aka Joe Wurzelbacher
Michelle Malkin
Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit)

Topics the Conservatism 2.0 Conference will cover include
The Conservative Community, Election, Politics:
The 2008 Election – How the web and new media influenced the 2008 election and what opportunities conservatives failed to exploit.

** Community – How social networks and other media can help build communities. How is Twitter being used in the conservative community? How can new directions in Facebook Connect be used to help Conservatism 2.0?
** Common Ground For Conservatives– What does common ground mean and how can the Web and new media help to evolve the definition?
** Bias – Education and Media Gatekeepers:
** Media Bias – Can new media be used to let the public learn about issues that the mainstream media do not want exposed? How can new media correct the bias from the stories the MSM do air?
** Education Bias – How freedom of speech for conservative students, faculty and speakers can be improved.
** Hidden Activists and Leaders – How new media can help discover and expose the voice of activists, and leaders, including yourself.


National Security – How are bloggers covering the war on terrorism? How can new media help deal with threats of terrorism? Homeland Security – The use of Twitter now and in the future – to help with natural disasters.

Free Market, Individualism – Conservatism and empowering the individual to succeed through self improvement, individual startups.
Hollywood – Do politics and culture affect Hollywood or vice versa?
Other – let us know your suggestions for the C2.0 Conference.

Special Awards and Your Actions

Conservatism 2.0 is not only about discussion. It’s also about action and what you can do to make a difference. To that end, we’ll have some contests in which you can participate:

First – We would like you to submit your best examples of exposing or countering bias in the media.
Second – We want your best examples of exposing or countering bias in education.
We will announce the award winners at the conference, and we expect Joe the Plumber will have a few thoughts to share on these issues.

Keeping in Touch
You will be able to learn more about:

Our schedule and how to submit your ideas for the conference
How to register
How to submit examples of bias
And other details through

Twitter, Facebook and this site (

In addition, through weekly PJTV videos, you will hear updates about both the Conservatism 2.0 Conference and CPAC events.

Stay in touch at:

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