62% of Republicans Support Israeli Gaza Operations… Only 31% of Dems Agree

From a new poll just released by Rasmussen:

Sixty-two percent (62%) of Republicans back Israel’s decision to take military action against the Palestinians, but only half as many Democrats (31%) agree.

A majority of Democrats (55%) say Israel should have tried to find a diplomatic solution first, a view shared by just 27% of Republicans.


While 75% of Republicans say Israel is an ally of the United States, just 55% of Democrats agree. Seven percent (7%) of Democrats say Israel is an enemy of America, but only one percent (1%) of Republicans say the same. For 21% of Republicans, Israel is somewhere in between, and 28% of Democrats agree.

Seventy-three percent (73%) of Republicans blame the Palestinians for the war in Gaza, as opposed to 47% of Democrats.

Dan F. adds this personal observation:

Jews voted for Obama in roughly the same proportion (78%) as they did for Clinton, Gore and Kerry. Obviously, Jews had to ignore a lot of very large questions marks about Obama’s pro-Israel bona fides to accomplish that feat. These poll numbers bear that out. They also lead to the conclusion that it is not only Republicans who are more pro-Israel than Democrats, it’s Christians who are more pro-Israel than Jews.

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