Yikes!… Caught on Tape- Great White Shark Busts Through Diver's Cage (Video)

This was sort of like the Blagojevich indictment today in Illinois…
A great white shark was caught on film busting through a tourist’s divers cage.
The Daily Mail reported:

The thought of a 15ft great white shark ripping through a metal cage and heading straight for you is the stuff of nightmares – but it was a reality for two scuba divers in Mexico.

The terrifying incident unfolded as the two men took part in an ‘ultimate shark diving experience’ and watched the two tonne shark feeding on tuna.

Caught on camera, the film shows the shark suddenly veering towards the cage, jamming its head between the bars and smashing it to pieces while the divers scramble for safety.

Here’s a look at the “ultimate shark diving experience”:

What a great time… You pay hundreds of dollars to watch a 15 foot shark rip your cage apart.
…I’ll pass.

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