Sweet!… Danish Navy Sinks Somali Pirate Ship (Video)

A Danish navy warship sunk a Somali pirate ship in the Gulf of Aden after rescuing the stranded pirates. The pirates had been floating for days without food or water:

The Australian reported on the sinking:

A DANISH anti-piracy warship has rescued seven suspected pirates whose boat had broken down in the Gulf of Aden and then sank their heavily-armed vessel.

Danish soldiers seized several anti-tank rockets and AK-47 assault rifles from the pirate ship, whose engine had failed 90 nautical miles from Yemen, a television reporter aboard the Absalon navy ship said.

The pirates, who said they had been adrift at sea for eight days, were fed by the Danish navy and placed on inflatable boats with Danish navy divers alongside the Absalon.

They will be handed to Yemen’s coast guard.

Denmark took command in September of the international Task Force 150, which is hunting down Somali pirates and arms smugglers in the northern Indian Ocean.

Jammie Wearing Fool has more on the sinking, via LGF.

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