Radical Islamists Win!… Fitna Film Banned in Europe

Radical Islamists – 1
European Union – 0

Radical Islam won a major ruling this week. The European Union banned the screening of the movie Fitna on its premises.
Radio Netherlands reported:

The European Parliament has banned the screening on its premises of the anti-Islam movie Fitna. The maker of the film, Dutch right-wing MP and Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders, reacted angrily, saying it was a sad day for democracy.

In a joint move, leaders of various blocs in the European Parliament reinforced their earlier decision, taken in March, that they wouldn’t allow the movie to be shown, arguing that it incites hatred…

Fitna has already been shown in Jerusalem and New York, and will be soon in the British upper house of parliament, the House of Lords. The film, a collage of Islamic symbols, Qur’an quotes and news footage of terrorist attacks, has also been seen by millions on the internet.

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