Media's Latest Palin Scandal: Guilt By Daughter's Boyfriend's Mother Association

Shame on Governor Sarah Palin.

These scandals are really adding up.
First her daughter’s “questionable” pregnancy, then the bogus troopergate non-scandal and now this from McClatchy News Service:

Wasilla resident Sherry L. Johnston , mother of Bristol Palin’s boyfriend, faces a Jan. 6 court date for an oxycontin-related arrest at her home by Alaska State Troopers .

Little additional information was available Friday on the case as authorities remained unusually tight-lipped about details. But Palmer court records listed Johnston’s scheduled court date and a troopers spokeswoman said in a release late Friday afternoon that the charges “are in relation to the drug oxycontin.”

Via LGF Quick Links.

Wow! Her daughter’s boyfriend’s mother!
No wonder it’s making headlines.
That’s almost as bad as selling a senate seat.

JKB in the comments adds:

Cause you know, that is just so much more relevant than a neighborhood terrorist who hosted your coming out party and shared and office and served on a board with you.

Mm-Hmm. It sure is. In a day and age of magical unicorn riders, it is.

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