Marine Dad Serving in Iraq Surprises His 5 Year-Old Son At School (Video)

Santa was good to Cameron Dickson this year.
5 year-old Cameron Dickson was leading his school in the Pledge of Allegiance when his father and Marine surprised him on stage:

Via KLTV Texas.
You just had to be touched when the kids started chanting “USA… USA…”

KLTV reported:

It was a surprise the entire Pittsburg Primary school knew about, but little did five year old Cameron Dickson know, he was in store for an early Christmas surprise.

Cameron’s Dad, who he hasn’t seen in a year came up behind him and surprised him with a big hug. It was an early Christmas gift. Cameron’s Marine Dad is now home back, in East Texas from fighting in the Iraq war

“It was rough being in Iraq. It’s hard leaving your family but it’s all worth it in the end. Cameron was definitely surprised and he’s grown like a weed. It was a good feeling for me,” said Corporal Dickson.

“I’m happy to see him and I missed him,” said Cameron.

Not only is Cameron happy to see his dad his Pittsburg classmates are glad he’s home too.

“Family is everything and it was a good feeling to come home and see a lot of support from the school because we don’t really get it in Iraq,” said Corporal Dickson.

“I called Cameron’s teacher on Wednesday and she let me know that the surprise welcome was going to happen but I wasn’t expecting it to be this big. It was great and it made me cry,” said Ashley, Harrell, Cameron’s Mother.

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