Israeli Ground Forces Position Outside Gaza– Jordanians Burn Israeli Flag In Parliament (Video)

(This post was updated.)

There were rumors that Israeli troops entered Gaza today.
However– that report appears to be inaccurate.

The IDF positioned hundreds of tanks along the Gaza separation barrier Monday as the Air Force resumed aerial attacks. (BBC Photo)

Jordanian Parliament members burned the Israeli flag on Sunday in protest to Israel’s Operation Cast Lead campaign in Gaza:


Israelly Cool has a roundup on the situation in Gaza and Israel including this disgusting protest shot from India:

The Nariman house is the Chabad House in Mumbai, in which innocent Jews were slaughtered by Islamic terrorists last month. The Mumbai terrorists sexually humiliated their victims before killing them. Even the Rabbi and his wife at Nariman House were sexually assaulted and their genitalia mutilated.

The Muqata also has a lengthy roundup on the situation.

At least 60 rockets were fired at Israel so far today.

Meanwhile… Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit said today that, “Hezbollah declared war on us.”

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