Iraqis Rescue Mentally Disabled Child Bomber Chained to a Fence (Video)

Iraqi officials rescued a 15 year-old female bomber chained to a fence at an Iraqi checkpoint. The young woman, Rania al-Ambaki, has a low IQ and thought the vest was for back pain.
CBS News reported on her rescue:

Al-Qaeda in Iraq is using mentally handicapped women more and more for their deadly attacks.

Rania al-Ambaki was rescued after officials jammed cell phone signals near where she was chained up. The young woman may have been drugged by Al-Qaeda before she was chained down.
CBS News reported, via ROP:

Rania al Ambaki was handcuffed to a gate at an Iraq security checkpoint. She was a human bomb, CBS News correspondent Elizabeth Palmer reports.

Suspicious officers immobilized her, jammed cell phone signals that could detonate the explosives, then carefully removed her suicide vest.

She turned out to be just 15 years old, and her story is an increasingly common one.

She comes from Baquba, an al Qaeda hot spot just north of Baghdad. It’s a recruiting ground for women suicide bombers who are responsible for much of the recent carnage in story=3220766>Iraq.

Last year, there were eight women bombers. So far this year, there have been 35. A CBS News crew traveled to Baquba to meet Rania in jail.

“I now thank God that I didn’t get blown up,” she said through a translator.

Rania told police she had no idea the vest was a bomb.

Family members, including her husband, she said, had helped her put it on.

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