Iranian Regime Holds Shoe Toss Outside US Embassy

The regime in Iran held a “shoe” rally outside the US Embassy today. (ISNA)

Iranian regime hardliner students held a shoe rally outside the former US Embassy in Tehran.
The Iranian Republic News Agency reported:

A `Shoe Sit-in’ started here outside the US Den of Spies Wednesday in support of the Iraqi reporter, Muntazer al- Zeidi, who tossed his shoe at the US President George W. Bush at a press conference in Baghdad.

The meeting, organized by Student Basij Organization of universities of the capital city Tehran, also condemns US crimes in Iraq.

The participants are to throw shoes at the former US Embassy in Tehran, the symbol of the `Big Satan’, as is covered by the US flag in today’s sit-in.

The ground is also covered by US, UK and Israeli flags.




UPDATE: The Iranian regime is holding a shoe throwing contest at Tehran University on Friday.

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