Franken Takes Lead in MN Senate Race

When Republican Norm Coleman won the election by 725 votes on election day you knew this senate seat was lost.
Sure enough- It looks like Al Franken may sneak out a win in Minnesota.
How sad.

The Minnesota Canvassing Board claimed this vote is clearly for Franken?

The way it looks today, if the projection proves correct, Franken will beat incumbent Sen. Norm Coleman by 78 votes.
FOX News reported:

The Canvassing Board overseeing the vote recount for Minnesota’s tightly contested U.S. Senate race isn’t quite done examining disputed ballots, but using their numbers the Minnesota Star Tribune issued a projection Saturday night that Al Franken will pick up 270 votes when the board is finished. Currently the board is determining voter intent in disputed ballots. If the projection proves correct, Franken will beat incumbent Sen. Norm Coleman by 78 votes.

Vote totals have changed a lot since Nov. 4, when Coleman led Franken by 725 votes. Correcting typos cut Coleman’s margin to 215, and a recount by all the counties reduced it further to 192. Yet, the additional 270 votes picked up by Franken from the Canvassing Board’s decisions have been among the most controversial.

The vote pickup has occurred through two actions by the board — divining voter intent and determining what votes should be counted. While decisions to include missing or overlooked ballots have gotten the most attention, the process of determining intent has also been important in determining the outcome here.

The Canvassing Board faces a difficult task in divining voter intentions. It is very difficult to determine how a voter meant to vote simply by looking at what might be stray marks on the ballot. And whatever rules are adopted must be consistently used in evaluating all ballots.

The Canvassing Board is meeting Tuesday to continue to count the remaining votes.

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