Figures… American Reporters Applaud Shoe-Chucker

Why is this not surprising?

I applauded this act. I don’t care that it is rude. Why are we concerned about etiquette when a country was destroyed? Did Bush ever apologize to the Iraqis for the hundreds of thousands of dead? Bush is an occupier, a clown pretending to be a hero, so enclosed in his own little self-certain world he probably was surprised an Iraqi could be that angry. I am not surprised. I am only surprised such a thing did not happen earlier.

Bush liberated 60,000,000 Muslim victims from two evil regimes.
Al-Qaeda blew up Iraq, not Bush and not our military.
Today there is a democracy in Iraq because of the president’s persistence.

But, US reporters honor the Sadr-supporting Iranian regime loving shoe-chucker.

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