Dana Perino Talks About Her Black Eye… Says Far Left Reaction to Shoe-Tosser Was "Gross" (Video)

White House Press Secretary Dana Perino talked about how she was injured in Baghdad during the shoe tossing attack on Bush.
A boom mic hit her under the eye during the melee. She was confused, shocked and crying in pain.

Perino also said the reaction on the Far Left to the assault was “just gross”:

Via The O’Reilly Factor.

Dana Perino:


Well, if you ever got hit in the face with a boom mic you’d be crying, too. The president saw me crying, but he didn’t see me get hit and he thought I was just crying because a guy threw a shoe at him. And, I said while I love him dearly I was crying because I got hit in the face…

If anyone in this country thinks it’s OK to throw a shoe at a president I think they need to get their priorities straight. I also don’t think it’s fair to say he’s a hero to all of the Muslim world. If you were to see right afterwards Prime Minister Maliki apologized profusely. He was so humiliated on behalf of his country. So were the fellow journalists…

The whole reason the president was there was to talk about the tremendous gains they’ve made because of our military who he thanked but also because of the great work that the Iraqis have done… I think they (the Far Left) need to take a good long look in the mirror and see if they think that’s acceptable behavior. What if we did it to them? If we did it to them they’d have a very different reaction. It’s kind of gross if you think about it.

Not everyone thought the incident was funny.
Prominent Iraqis spoke out against the shoe-chucker’s hooliganism.

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