81% of Americans Oppose Card Check– But Obama Still Supports It

81% of Americans support a secret ballot in the workplace when employees are wanting to form a union.
Newsmax reported:

A majority of both Republican and Democratic voters oppose The Employee Free Choice Act, according to a new poll by Public Opinion Strategies of 800 general election voters.

Better known as the “card check bill,” the proposed act would give workers the right to unionize if a majority of employees publicly sign cards in favor of forming a union. Because it does away with the secret ballot, employers fear that such a law would allow unions to identify and coerce workers who otherwise would not vote to unionize.

“Across the ideological spectrum and across battleground states, significant majorities of Americans from every walk of life oppose this legislation,” said Katie Packer of the Workforce Fairness Institute.

When presented with neutral language describing the key provisions of the bill, voters surveyed opposed both facets. They strongly oppose a card check system and instead support the secret ballot process and they oppose changing the bargaining process. The poll found that 59 percent of all voters oppose the elimination of the secret ballot in union organizing elections and 53 percent oppose binding arbitration in contract negotiations.

In fact, when asked their preference if a union tried to organize in their workplace: 81 percent preferred a secret ballot, with only 14 percent preferring the card-check process.

However, the Obama team still supports the Employee Free Choice Act which would do away with secret ballots at the workplace.
Huffington Post reported:

Asked if Obama’s support for the Employee Free Choice Act remained as strong as his public proclamations suggested on the campaign trail, transition spokesman Dan Pfeiffer responded, succinctly, “Yes.”

This is pure thuggery.
No wonder the Far Left is so excited about it.

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