The First New Deal Didn't Work But Libs Want Another One Anyway

Here’s some advice for the libs…
We’re not in a depression.

Barack Obama is not Lincoln… or FDR.

…Except Obama is still smoking.

And, as George Will says, the New Deal Didn’t Work:

Hat Tip Think Progress.


Yid with Lid reported:

As late as 1938, nine years into the depression, almost one out of five workers remained unemployed. What the government gave with one hand, through increased spending, it took away with the other, through increased taxation. But that was not an even trade-off. As the root cause of a great deal of mismanagement and inefficiency, government was responsible for a lost decade of economic growth.

The unemployment rate under President Bush is lower than during the Clinton years. Do we really want to see it go to 20%?

Not only that, but do Americans really want to go to a 100% tax rate on the wealthy like Roosevelt implemented?

Americans may want to look back at the failures of the New Deal before they allow the Democrats to pass another one.

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