US Congresswomen Seek Talks With Iran

US Congresswomen recently invited Iranian regime female parliamentarians to join them for talks. However, the regime refuses to talk with the US until certain preconditions have been met.
Iran Press TV and LGF reported:

United States congresswomen have reportedly put forward a request to hold a meeting with female members of Iran’s Majlis (parliament).

“US congresswomen have requested a meeting with female members of Iran’s Majlis,” a member of the Parliament’s National Security Commission, Hossein Taqavi, told Fars News Agency on Wednesday.

If held, this would be the first meeting between a group of Washington and Tehran officials on US-Iran relations after the two countries severed ties in 1979.

Earlier in October, Iran made public another official request for talks between American congressmen and Iranian parliamentarians.

While attending the annual meeting of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank, Iranian lawmakers reportedly received a letter from US officials on the matter in Washington.

After the announcement, Majlis second Vice-Speaker, Mohammad-Reza Bahonar, said a change in US policy toward Iran is necessary before Majlis can hold talks with the US Congress.

In related news… A senior Iranian commando was just arrested in Iraq.
Maybe the ladies could talk about these Iranian killers in Iraq when they meet up.

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