Did 2008 Numbers Really Shatter All Records?

Politico reports that 130 million voters turned out to vote on Tuesday and that this shattered all records.

Is so, then the polls are missing nearly 10 million votes.
Yahoo is reporting that 119,365,000 votes were counted this year so far.
In 2004, 122.3 million voted.
It will be interesting to see if this year’s total rises above the numbers from 2004.

There are still votes being counted on the West Coast this morning. But, these outstanding ballots in California, Oregon and Washington will add no where near 10 million votes to the tally.

The Politico is missing millions of votes then.
But, that’s not as bad as MSNBC and the AP.
HotAir noticed this morning that they are missing nearly 20 million votes.


It will be interesting to see if the 2008 numbers were really historic or if they even surpassed 2004.

UPDATE: The AP has adjusted their turnout numbers.

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