OBAMEDIA ALERT: Minnesota "Significantly Closer" than Polls Predicted …Update: Iowa Miracle? …Update: PUMA's May Bring Ohio Home!!

Ruh-Roh!… There’s an Obamedia alert in Minnesota.
Marc Ambinder at The Atlantic reported:

I’m a student at Carleton College who has contributed (financially and with my time) to the Obama campaign. I just got an automated call from Jeff Blodgett, the chair of the MN campaign. The text of the call was:

“Hello, this is Jeff Blodgett from the Minnesota for Obama campaign. Our initial data shows this election is significantly closer than the polls predicted. We are putting out an urgent call for volunteers… We are organized groups to knock on doors at five P.M., or earlier if you can, for our final GOTV operation.” This was followed by different numbers to call based on your residence.

Hat Tip Boomshak

Also… There are rumors that Iowa is in play(?)
Anyone have hard data on this?


More… McCain up 1.5 points on Intrade in last 5 minutes.

More… McCain +19 for white men in Virginia.
Here are the Virginia results from 2004.

More… McCain is winning 18% of Hillary supporters in Ohio. (FOX News)
Hillary won Ohio (before the Wright scandal) 53-49%
18% of Hillary voters would be 226,000 voters!

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