Obama Takes NM, NY, WI, MN, Virginia… McCain Takes ND, WY …OBAMA TAKES OHIO!

Obama Takes Ohio!
Welcome Your New President—

Hope and Change Wins!

FOX News reports that Obama has taken NM, NY, WI, and MN.
New Mexico was the first 2004 Bush state to go to Obama.
Bush won New Mexico by 6,000 votes in 2004.

McCain took WY and ND.


FOX News gave Ohio to OBama and then took it back.

Democrats have picked up senate seats in Virginia, North Carolina, New Mexico and New Hampshire.

It’s over.

(8:50 CST) Here’s an updated list: Obama takes– OH, PA, WI, NM, MN, MI, NY, RI, MA, NH, MD, CT, NJ, DE, VT, DC, ME, IL.

McCain takes– LA, GA, SC, AR, AL, OK, TN, WV, KY, ND, KS, and WY.

(9:00 PM CST) Obama takes Iowa.

UPDATE: Rep. Rahm Emanuel has been offered a Chief of Staff job with an Obama White House.

Michelle Malkin is counting the votes tonight.

(9:15 PM CST) McCain takes Mississippi.

(9:25 PM CST) I was just a guest on the B-Cast on Breitbart TV a few minutes ago.
They are broadcasting live HERE.

(9:45 PM CST) Obama takes Virginia.
Virginia has not gone blue in 60 years.

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