Obama Is a House Slave– Kofi Is an Errand Boy

Monday Morning Racism…
When Barack Obama meets without preconditions with the world’s thugs next year he may want to chastise them first for their racist attacks.

Before Al-Qaeda labeled Obama a “house negro” the regime in Iran was already using the term.
Michael Rubin reported at The Corner:

** In an 11 November commentary, Borna News Agency, which is close to Ahmadinezhad, called Obama a “house slave,” adding that those who “trust such a politician lack maturity, if they are not committing treason” — a likely reference to Iranian moderates. A day earlier, in an interview with Borna, Ahmadinezhad’s press adviser Ali Akbar Javanfekr characterized Ahmadinezhad’s letter to Obama as a “new political move” and advised Obama “not to make the mistake of not responding.”…

** In an editorial entitled “The Great Satan Masked as Obama,” the official Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) said that the “United States is the embodiment of Satan. Hence, in this circus, for anyone but the slaves of Satan to take charge of the government is impossible.” It added that Iranians “who are ecstatic about Obama are either ignorant or have a plot [against Iran]” (5 November).

These were not isolated events. The The Corner has more.


Meanwhile… In Zimbabwe the Mugabe Regime is lashing out at Kofi Annan, the Western “errand boy.”
All Africa published a report from the Zimbabwean news:

Former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan is an amazing man. This is the same man who did not honour a Government invitation to see for himself how wrong his British-sanctioned envoy Anna Kajumulo Tibaijuka was over Operation Murambatsvina in 2005, yet he now froths at the mouth over visiting Zimbabwe without an invite.

Whose errand is he running this time around since he has put himself at the beck and call of the white West from the time his uneventful tenure at the helm of the UN ended on December 31, 2006?

Annan claims to lead a group of “Elders” on a mission to assess “first-hand” the humanitarian situation in Zimbabwe yet his itinerary, that included the who is who of opposition politics in Zimbabwe, showed that the proposed visit was as humanitarian as Hitler’s holocaust was humane…

Rather than visit Zimbabwe, we urge this Western errand boy to retrace his steps to London and Washington and tell his handlers to remove their ruinous sanctions and leave us alone.

The fact that Mugabe is a black African did not prevent his cronies from flinging racist insults at their opponents.

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