Obama Can't Fool God Voters– Messiah Draws Less Support Than Kerry

Barack Obama tried to bamboozle religious voters this year with outrageous and dishonest mock “Pro-Life” websites paid for by George Soros:

Unfortunately for Barack Obama religious voters were not fooled. They understand that Barack Obama is the most radical pro-abortion and infanticide candidate in the last 35 years.

It didn’t help that abortion survivor Gianna Jessen exposed Barack Obama’s gruesome infanticide record:

This ad must have made an impact.
More religious voters backed John Kerry than are backing the infanticide candidate this year.
The Politico reported:

Barack Obama has courted white weekly churchgoers as avidly as any Republican-leaning bloc of voters, though it now appears his efforts may fall flat on Election Day.

The Gallup Poll now shows Obama backed by 28 percent of white voters who attend church at least once a week — a group that makes up a roughly a third of all voters — which would be no improvement from the 29 percent of these voters who, according to exit polls, backed Democrats John Kerry and Al Gore in the previous two presidential election.

Obviously, Christian voters know a radical when they see one.

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