Ruh-Roh– MO SWINGS TO McCAIN!… As MO Goes So Goes the US– Gov. Blunt SLAMS Obama (Video)

John McCain is now leading in Missouri by at least 3 points according to the latest polling as Independents and undecideds continue to swing to McCain-Palin!

Swing State Missouri has picked the last 25 of 26 US presidents!
Maybe it was the Biden rally this week where only a few hundred showed up that was the turning point?

Meanwhile… Missouri Governor Matt Blunt slammed Barack Obama today not just for his plans to increase taxes and spread the wealth around but for lying to the American public about public financing.


FOX News Election Headquarters

Doctor Bulldog and Ronin reported today that McCain just jumped to a 3 point advantage in Missouri.
Missouri has historically picked the next President of the United States 25 out of 26 times.

More… Ezra Levant agrees with Missouri.

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