In Historic Move… Iran Congratulates Obama– Says His Victory Represents "End of Zionist Era"

The Iranian regime gives Obama (and Israel) a shout-out.

Rallies marking this year’s National Day Against Global Arrogance, an Iranian tradition since the victory of the 1979 Islamic Revolution, started here Monday from different parts of the capital. (IRNA)

For the first time since 1979 the Iranian regime congratulated Barack H. Obama today on his election win.
Ahmadinejad sent a message to Obama today.
Iranian Republic News Agency reported:

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in a message on Thursday congratulated the US president-elect Barack Obama on his election victory.

He also said that it is expected basic and clear changes would take place in Washington’s foreign and domestic policies, as demanded by all nations worldwide and the American people.

“As you know the opportunities provided by the Almighty God, which can be used for elevation of nations, or God forbid, for their collapse, are transient,” the message read.

“I hope you will prefer real public interests and justice to the never ending demands of a selfish minority and seize the opportunity to serve people so that you will be remembered with high esteem,” he said.

The great nation of Iran welcomes basic and fair changes in US policies and conducts, especially in the region,” President Ahmadinejad said.

…Ahmadinejad also wished success, health and welfare for all humans and for the rulers to seize the opportunity to administer justice and eliminate tyranny from the face of the world.

Iran also announced today that the Zionist Era is ending:


“The election of Barack Obama as the next president of the United States indicates that Zionists are no longer able to carry out their own policies aimed at determining the fate of the world,” the MP told IRNA.

Obama’s election is an opportunity for making changes, he said, urging the US president-elect to make use of such an opportunity to amend the past wrong policies.

Michelle Malkin has more on Ahmadinejad’s advise to Obama.

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