Good News… Gingrich May Run For RNC Chairman

This is the best news of the week—
Newt Gingrich Considers a Run For RNC Chairman

STACLU and The Digital Journal reported:

The word among GOP insiders here in Georgia is that Newt Gingrich is considering throwing his name in the hat to be the next Chairman for the RNC.

As Georgia Republican Leadership meet today to plan for the expected run-off of Saxby Chambliss against Jim Martin, my sources tell me Gingrich is having meetings to discuss his own race.

Newt is best known for leading the charge for the Contract with America. It is this famed Contract that has been credited for the Republican take-over of the US House and Senate in 1994. It is also well believed among traditional Republicans that it has been the abandonment of this contract by elected Republicans that has lead to their downfall.

Since his retirement from elected office, Gingrich has stayed involved in the political grind on many different levels. Newt has released several books, founded American Solutions, and has acted as a political analyst appearing on numerous political programs and radio talk shows.

Hat Tip Larwyn


The GOP needs a leader like Newt to lead the party out of this awful quagmire.
Newt also knows how to handle the Alinskyites on the Left.

Michael Steele, the current GOPAC Chairman, would also be an excellent choice for a leadership position.

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