CNN Reporter Amanpour Compares Today's Election to Great Moments in Iranian Regime History

CNN’s Chief International Correspondent Christiane Amanpour compared today’s US election to great moments in Iranian regime history.

Of course, in Iran they still hang gay children and beat women who let their hair down:

This photo was taken last year during the brutal crackdown by the Iranian regime on women.

And, the regime has been developing nukes to destroy Israel for over a decade, too.


But, why let facts get in the way when you’re writing a good suck up piece for the brutal Iranian regime.

Here’s Amanpour’s objective piece of journalism comparing America to the Iranian regime at CNN:

This election will change the world

Finding myself in New York City this U.S. election Day, I saw scenes that reminded me of the first democratic elections I covered in Afghanistan in 2004, or Iraq in 2005.

Voting lines in New York wrapped right around the block.

Scenes that reminded me of the historic election in South Africa in 1994 when a black man, Nelson Mandela, was elected president thus ending generations of white minority rule known as apartheid.

Or 1998 in Iran when women and young people turned out en masse to elect the first ever reform president, the moderate cleric Mohammad Khatami.

The enduring motif from those elections were the massively long lines at the polling centers. Men and women standing patiently, sometimes for hours, to cast their first ever vote for a hopeful secure future.

Iran arrested up to 150,000 women last year for breaking the strict dress code.

Is anyone else having a some trouble with Amanpour’s report?
…What does she think America is? Some third world regime?
Not yet, Christine. Not yet.

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UPDATE: This was from the comments below:

I am an Irinian and I live in Iran. I should say Christiane Amanpour sucks!
The problems in Iran are much more than you mentioned.
for example a lady can never become a president.
and much to say.

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