Al-Qaeda's #2 Al-Zawahiri Calls Obama a "House Negro" & Muslim

Al-Zawahiri– Terrorist and Racist

Al-Qaeda criticized Barack Obama today in a taped response to his election. (SITE image)

Al-Qaeda’s second in command called president elect Barack Obama a “house negro” today in a new message. reported:

Al-Qaida No. 2 Ayman al-Zawahri is criticizing Barack Obama in a new message, calling him a demeaning racial term implying that the president-elect is a black American who does the bidding of whites.

Al-Zawahri says in an audio message, which appeared on militant Web sites Wednesday, that Obama is “the direct opposite of honorable black Americans” like Malcolm X. He calls Obama a “house negro.”

The audio plays over still pictures of al-Zawahri, Malcolm X praying, and Obama with Jewish leaders.

In the first public al-Qaida comment about Obama’s electoral victory, al-Zawahri adds that Obama’s plan to shift troops to Afghanistan is doomed to failure.

Zawahri insisted Obama was a Muslim in the tape.


Outrageous. That’s almost as offensive as what Condi got from Far Left loons these last 8 years.
Maybe this will ignite enough anger in the Leftist ranks that they will unite and vow to crush Al-Qaeda?

More… Zawahri ordered Obama not to follow the policies of the Bush Administration. Al-Qaeda gave a ringing “anti-endorsement” of Republicans before the election.

UPDATE: Lawhawk thinks Zawahri’s message was a trap.

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