Whiny Obama: "Without FOX News I'd Be 2-3 Points Higher in the Polls" (Video)

Barack Obama says that without FOX News he would be up 2-3 points in the polls.
Funny- Hugo Chavez said the same thing about RCTV in Venezuela.
… Before he shut it down.

Sadly for Dear Leader, it upsets him that the hosts on FOX News do not lust over him when the Jeremiah Wright protege puts on jeans. And, the last time he came on FOX News, Bill O’Reilly dared to ask him about his close associations with terrorists, racists and America-haters.
The nerve.

Karl Rove and Neil Cavuto discuss Barack Obama’s latest slam against FOX News.
Rove says that Obama is being curlish and whiny:

Obama says he is pictured as a latte-sipping liberal on America’s most popular news channel.


Barack Obama is still afraid to go on FOX News for a real interview… But he will talk to Ahmadinejad without preconditions.

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