Obama Tells Ohio Supporter He Aims to "Spread the Wealth"

So… Can we call him a socialist, yet?
Obama told a plumber in Ohio this weekend that he wants to spread the wealth:

Obama was confronted by a plumber in an Ohio neighborhood, this weekend. The man asked Obama, “Why do want to raise my taxes? My business makes more than 250k a year.” Obama told him he needed to “spread” the wealth to those who don’t have what he has.

Remember: This is a guy who won’t even send his brother a $20 to get him out of his slum hut.

It looks like all of his Marxist friends, the socialist lectures he used to go to in New York and the socialist New Party that he belonged to rubbed off on The One.

This photo shows Barack Obama and other New Party socialists including Danny K Davis (center), from the front page of New Party News, Spring 1996.


Of course, Obama has a long history of relationships with Marxists.
His first mentor in high school was noted Communist Frank Marshall Davis.
He admitted he attended socialist conferences during his college years in his first book, “Dreams From My Father”, page 122:

“Political discussions, the kind that at Occidental had once seemed so intense and purposeful, came to take on the flavor of the socialist conferences that I sometimes attended at Cooper Union or the African cultural fairs that took place in Harlem or Brooklyn during the summers-a few of the many diversions that New York had to offer, like going to a foreign film or ice-skating at the Rockefeller Center.”

Obama also wrote that he selected his friends carefully, the more Marxist and radical the better, page 100:

“To avoid being mistaken for a sellout, I chose my friends carefully. The more politically active black students. The foreign students. The Chicanos. The Marxist Professors and structural feminists and punk-rock performance poets.”

And, don’t forget Obama’s pastor, mentor and father figure of 20 years, G-D AmeriKKKa Jeremiah Wright, who brought the black liberation socialist theology to the alter.

Surprise!… Obama Was Affiliated With National Socialist Party Throughout Most of the 1990’s! …Update: Proof
Photo Discovered Of Obama With Fellow Chicago Socialist Party Members

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