SICK: The Violent Death of Joe the Plumber (Video)

Here’s the latest from the Hope and Change Crowd—-
Dead “Joe the Plumber” videos reach YouTube.

Now, the Left is fantasizing about “Joe the Plumber’s” violent and gruesome death.
It’s moved from “destroy” the plumber to “kill” the plumber.
Oh… And, they’re giving out Joe the Plumber’s address or his ex-wife’s address now.

Video is titled: The Violent Death of Joe The Plumber

Hat Tip Cindy
The caption with the video reads:


Joe The Plumber meets a grisly end under McCain’s new tax proposals. Vote Obama ’08!

Remember People: Do not ever question The One about his tax plan.
And, what ever you do, don’t ever label him a socialist.

Here is more on the Obama supporter Matthew Glasson from his YouTube page.
Please- If you decide to look up this sick Obama supporter don’t bring yourself down to his level.

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