McCain Slams Radical "ACORN" Community Organizer in New Ad …Update: Obamatrons Yank Ad From YouTube

UPDATE: has just released the Obama ACORN tree:

…All you ever wanted to know about scandalous Leftist organizations and their Far Left trainers.

Now we know what a community organizer does…
ACORN trainer Barack Obama is nailed in new ad:
—UPDATE— It looks like the Obamatrons were successful in getting this ad yanked from YouTube.
Thanks to Sniggy for this new link:
This is devastating.
As Ace says:

They’re not just linking community organizing Obama to his onetime employer, radical community organizer ACORN.

Nor are they merely connecting Obama to ACORN’s massive voter fraud activities.

They’re hanging the subprime crisis around Obama’s and ACORN’s neck.

And, even the video quality is exceptional.


The Obama Campaign still insists that Barack Obama did not train at ACORN(?)
But, there is plenty of evidence that the Chicago politician was an ACORN favorite:

ACORN members meet with Illinois Senate candidate Barack Obama in 2004.
Photo as printed in 2004 Social Policy article.

Obama not only trained at ACORN, he worked with ACORN in the 1992 election, he was an ACORN lawyer and he was endorsed by ACORN.

As Barack Obama says— “The ACORN does not fall far from the tree.”

Figures… Obama’s Immigration Bill Includes Funding For Leftist Groups to Organize Immigrant Communities
Surprise!… Obama’s Legal Career Consisted of Working For Scandal-Plagued ACORN
Busted… Obama Lied About His ACORN Training Sessions

UPDATE: Members of the US House of Representatives are asking the Justice Department to investigate scandal-plagued ACORN.

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