Sarah Palin opens a can of McPain on Obama!
Popular Alaska Governor Sarah Palin demanded that Barack Obama assist federal agents with their investigation of ACORN and turn over his records.

Palin demanded that Obama release details of all of his correspondence with the radical Far Left group that is in the middle of a massive voter fraud scandal.

Oh… And, John McCain blasted Obama and the media for their vicious attacks on the obscure plumber who dared to ask Obama an innocent question:

Governor Palin told the crowd in Ohio:


“As for ACORN and voter fraud, now they’re under federal investigation, and John and I are calling on the Obama Campaign to release communications it has had with this group and to do so immediately.”

Right on!

Palin Tells Ohio Voters: “Don’t Turn Buckeye State Into ACORN State!”

Popular Alaska Governor Sarah Palin blasted Barack Obama today on his radical anti-American associations and his close ties to ACORN, a Far Left organization he helped as a trainer and who he gave $800,000 to this year to register voters.
ACORN is currently under investigation in more than a dozen states for turning in bogus voter registrations.
WLWT reported:

Palin spoke Friday at an outdoor rally in West Chester, where she drew cheers with her reference to an Ohio plumber mentioned dozens of times during McCain’s debate with his Democratic rival, Sen. Barack Obama.

She blasted Obama, who told plumber Joe Wurzelbacher – now known famously as “Joe The Plumber” – last week in Toledo that his proposed tax increases on Americans who earn $250,000 or more would “spread the wealth around”

Palin said any tax increase would be “bad medicine for a troubled economy.”

She continued her stump-speech attacks on Obama for his ties to 1960s radical William Ayers and a community organization under investigation for alleged voter registration fraud.

She criticized Obama for not disavowing ACORN, a community activist group under investigation by state and federal authorities for alleged voter registration fraud.

“You won’t let them turn the Buckeye State into the ACORN State,” Palin said during the rally.

Nearly a dozen states and the FBI are looking into allegations against the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, which is registering voters in swing states. ACORN officials have denied charges of concerted, widespread fraud.

West Chester is the hometown of Congressman John Boehner, the House minority leader, who also took part in the rally.

Barack Obama worked as a former trainer with the scandal-plagued ACORN organization. He also has a long history with the Far Left group and the group has canvassed for him this year. He represented ACORN in court. And, Obama donated $800,000 to the radical group just this year for their get out the vote efforts.

Earlier this week Palin told Obama to rein in this group of radical supporters.

The Obama Campaign today asked for a probe of those who asked questions of ACORN!
Via Instapundit.

More… Joe the Plumber starts a Fight the Smears website?
Hopefully he won’t have trouble with his facts.

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