New Video Released of POW John McCain in North Vietnam

New Footage was released today of POW John McCain in North Vietnam.
John McCain was held as a POW for 5 and 1/2 years by the brutal communists in North Vietnam.
He was often beaten and tortured.
The last 30 seconds of the video show a very shaken and frightened young American:

Truly- there is a clear choice for America this year…
The Senior American War Hero vs. The Far Left Socialist Media Star

Sky News reported on this newly released video:

The video portrays the Republican as a hero but the message may be tarnished as he is filmed smoking a cigarette.

In the footage an emotional and shirtless McCain passes a message to his wife saying he will get well and loves her.

He also describes being shot down over Hanoi in 1967, and parachuting into a lake.

At times, when speaking of his family, McCain’s lower lip trembles and his voice breaks.

“I was on a flight over the city (Hanoi) … and I was bombing and I was hit by a missile or anti-aircraft fire, I’m not sure which,” he said, adding that his plane “when straight down.”

After landing in the lake, McCain said he “was picked up and taken to the hospital, where I almost died.”

In the interview, McCain said he was treated well by his Vietnamese captors. Asked about the food, he told his French interviewer, “It’s not like Paris … (but) I eat it.”

French reporter Francois Chalais conducted the interview , which was first broadcast on French television program Panorama in January 1968.

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