New RNC Ad Blasts Obama For His Ties With Terrorist Ayers

A new ad by the Republican National Committee blasts Barack Obama for his longtime relationship with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers.
Guilt By Participation:

Florida Republican Lt. Col. Allen West suggested last week that Obama’s many ties with anti-American radicals would prevent him from passing a background check in order to receive national security clearance:

We are freedom loving Americans that believe in the Constitution, and shun marxist/socialist dogma. Sen. Obama’s political and social allegiance with William Ayers proves he is, “not one of us.” Let me bring to mind a simple maxim that my mom and dad taught me growing up in Georgia, “folks will know you by the company you keep.” And as a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel I shall share a simple point: because of Senator Obama’s associations, he would not be able to pass a background investigation in order to receive a security clearance. Yet, he seeks to be the Commander-in-Chief of our Armed Forces?

Paul Mirengoff takes a closer look at Barack Obama’s many radical associations and what that mean at The Examiner today.

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