Nashville Presidential Debate– McCain Takes Round 2

Left-leaning NBC journalist Tom Brokaw will moderate the debate tonight.
Michelle Malkin warns about possible plants.

Jules Crittenden is liveblogging– Gloves Off.

The Anchoress has advice for John McCain.

Out of the blocks– McCain sounds tough and creative. He sounds like a real leader.
–Obama is spitting out talking points.

McCain dings Obama on his Fannie-Freddie donations… Second only to Chris Dodd.

HotAir is liveblogging the debate.
…So is Tom Maguire.
Did you notice that Obama has a constant smirk on his face?

Obama: “A lot of you remember 9-11.”
A lot of you??? Who forgot?

McCain smacked Obama on raising taxes and described his tax credits for Americans.
Cindy McCain visited a Children’s Hospital today in Nashville.

Obama says he wants nuclear power– He forgets to mention that he has placed so many restrictions on nuclear power that he makes it impossible as a resource.

Key Difference:
Obama says health insurance coverage is a right.
McCain says it’s a responsibity.

Barack Obama wants to go into Rwanda and the Congo but not Iraq(?)
He says when we stand by when their is genocide that it diminishes us.
Unfortunately, he did not mind genocide so much when it came to Iraq.
In July 19, 2007 Obama said:

Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama said Thursday the United States cannot use its military to solve humanitarian problems and that preventing a potential genocide in Iraq isn’t a good enough reason to keep U.S. forces there has more on this.
Obama: My words on Pakistan (Pah-kee-Ston) were misrepresented.

Obama wants to reduce our energy consumption so that we can deal with Russia(?)
Quick- Buy stock in firewood!

Obama again talks in the plural- “We thank you for your service.”
Obama says he put a statement out in April warning about Russian forces in Georgia(?)

Again… Obama says if we need to reduce our energy consumption.

Obama closes asking for votes so that he can continue HIS journey.
McCain knocks it out of the park!
In his closing comments McCain asks for permission to serve his country.

UPDATE: Barack Obama dropped 24 points on Intrade after the debate.

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