Here's This Year's List of Reasons to Vote Democrat

Just in time for the election…
Now you too can explain to your friends why this country needs Democrats in charge of the US House, the US Senate, the White House and the Supreme Court!

Via VerticalBlu film
Big Hat Tip BG

And, this came in the mail box this morning:

I was doing some research on the great Scoop Jackson from my state Washington when I google the following phrase “portraits of five of the greatest U.S. Senators” and guess who the third portrait is that comes up? Barack Obama!!! Can you believe that? I have had it with google!!! I tried to research good news from Iraq a while back and mostly got anti-war, anti-Bush crap. I have never voted for a Republican in my 58 years, however, I am so disgusted by the behavior of the left, the media morphing into Barack’s Big Brother and Democrats blatant distortions and lies that I am voting straight Republican. I will now change my choice of search enginge effective immediately. Lastly, thank you for your blog and the work you do.

Greg J.

Welcome aboard, Greg!
Don’t worry, we don’t have any goon squads to keep track of you.
You should be just fine.


UPDATE: Here’s another version of the video for the hearing impaired.

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