Are the Angry GOP Protesters Just More of the Same– Leftist Tools?

On Wednesday, September 3, 2008, as Governor Sarah Palin took the stage in Minneapolis, the two co-founders of Code Pink, a Marxist anti-American antiwar group, Medea Benjamin and Jodie Evans stormed the stage to interrupt her speech.

Jodie Evans is one of the top Obama Bundlers and has raised nearly $100,000 for her candidate. She last met with Obama in June.

Code Pink co-founders Jodie Evans (left) and Medea Benjamin try to storm the stage on Governor Sarah Palin at the RNC in St. Paul. (S&L)

So… How did the liberal media report this news that a top Obama and Democratic financier was crashing the stage during Sarah Palin’s much anticipated speech?
NOT ONE WORD. There was not a peep from the media that the radical storming the stage was one of Barack Obama’s top supporters.

In contrast… This week when a rare McCain-Palin “supporter” screamed something foul at a rally against Barack Obama the media has been all over it.
The “angry Republican” story has made headlines all week.
Rick Moran defined this as the “Angry Mob” meme.

Now there is evidence that the mob may once again be Leftist plants.
Thomas Lifson even has a photo of Leftist Obama supporters at the McCain-Palin rallies:

Lifson adds: “We have to take these efforts to discredit us seriously. Agents provocateurs cannot be ruled out. We know that leftists infiltrate GOP rallies with intent to harm. The sneering left has outed itself on Kos and Mother Jones, by publishing a picture of a leftist infiltrator, who carefully placed herself to be picked up by cameras. The green arrow was added by the lefties.”

The Leftist in the photo was not alone, either.
Look at the other sign.
Don’t expect your mainstream media to investigate this story, either.

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