French Producer Pierre Rehov Covers Iraqi Freedom & Democracy in His Latest Project

As long as most media will lie, peace won’t be possible in the Middle East…

French journalist and producer Pierre Rehov is about to release another of his marvelous films.
This time his subject is Iraq.

Movie producer, novelist, journalist and lawyer Pierre Rehov has an amazing story that is detailed at his website.
Here is a bit of background on the Algerian Jew who has dedicated his life to exposing the Middle East to the world:

And so after the shooting of Mohamed al-Dura and the antisemitic rallies that ensued, Pierre Rehov took his fight off the streets of Paris to the courts of France. He rallied Jewish organizations in France to join him in a lawsuit against the French government for its defamation of the State of Israel. Rehov, who also holds an Israeli passport, was then off to the Holy Land to investigate the circumstance surrounding the tragic, yet suspicious death of al-Dura. His own research, an IDF investigation, and the sources he interviewed, revealed that the trajectory of Israeli gunfire and the position of the bullet holes were inconsistent. Other inconsistencies were enumerated as well. Al-Dura was buried before any autopsy could be performed. Rehov’s investigations, however, had satisfied his suspicion that it was the Palestinians themselves who killed al-Dura for propaganda purposes. “It is not so hard to believe from some of these extremists who indoctrinate their children to be martyrs and suicide bombers,” he says. When Rehov returned to France, he found out that the defamation case had been dismissed after only six weeks, with no explanation. Rehov says it usually takes two years for a case to be dismissed in France.

But Rehov’s resolve could not be dismissed. With his French passport, Arabic features, and a digital recorder, he went into the territories (which are forbidden to Israeli citizens) posing as a French tourist and began an undercover investigation of what is really going on behind the scenes. He has thus far produced six documentaries from the “tourist attractions” he visited in the territories: A War of Images, which reveals shocking images of incitement displayed on Yasser Arafat’s Palestinian Television network; The Trojan Horse, which betrays Arafat’s true intentions and shows rare footage of Palestinian leaders advocating the eradication of the Jewish state and the extermination of the Jewish people, and his film The Holy Land: Christians in Peril, which exposes the true story behind the Church of Nativity confrontation and reveals the dangers for Christians living under Islamic rule, he then filmed The Road to Jenin, that shows there was no massacre in Jenin, as some Palestinians claimed. Silent Exodus, which tells the little known story of the plight of the million Jews who had to leave the Muslim countries their families had lived in for centuries. Hostages of Hatred, that gives all the real data about the Palestinian refugees, a question that is not as well known as it might be imagined.

Now, the great Frenchman Pierre Rehov is filming Iraq.
Here is a sampling of his upcoming movie on the liberation of Iraq from the brutal Hussein Regime through the surge of 2007:

This is a short abstract from Pierre Rehov‘s next film in production. The US army and security forces are doing a great job in Iraq. Promoting freedom and democracy takes time. But fighting Muslim terrorism is the task given to the free world.

Rehov does an excellent job in capturing the real environment in Iraq. One for which the people beg for democratic values and norms and where US troops place their lives on the line to provide those freedoms to the Iraq people.

It would be the white flag of surrender to Islamic terrorism to abandon the people of Iraq by withdrawing the stabilizing presence of US troops. Iraq needs more US and Western troops, needs more teachers, needs more doctors, needs better communications infrastructure and most importantly needs the support of democratic and free world to insure that their children grow up with the same liberties as those who live in Paris, Washington, Jerusalem, Madrid, Tokyo and London.

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