Final 2008 Presidential Debate at Hofstra University

The final presidential debate is about to begin at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York.

The Obama Campaign already released their talking points to the media so they could be prepared when the debate is over.

McCain starts out mentioning his Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac home loan plan.
Does not mention that Democrats were behind the financial crisis and that they ignored the warnings from the White House and Republicans including John McCain.


McCain brings up Joe the Plumber in Ohio who told Obama he was a socialist.
Joe the plumber was little more direct with Senator Obama than than McCain was.
But, it was good that McCain brought up the “spreading the wealth” argument.

Now McCain attacks Obama on “spreading the wealth around.”
Love it… McCain must have said “spread the wealth” 6 times in 3 minutes.

Oh my… The Far Left loon inside Obama speaks.
Obama just attacked FOX News again. That’s twice in one day.
Obama has FOX News on the brain.

McCain bashes Obama and Rep. John Lewis for comparing the McCain-Palin Campaign to the racist segregationist George Wallace.

Wow! McCain blasts Obama on his terrorist ties and ACORN!
Obama misrepresents his relationship with ACORN and justifies his relationship with Ayers.
Bob McCarty says “Obama gulped.”

This was a great segment– McCain was noticeably upset.
Good for McCain for sticking up for conservatives:

Glenn Reynolds notices that Obama looks pi$$ed.

It was great to see McCain defend Sarah Palin who has endured horrible sexist attacks by the angry Left.

UNREAL!!! Bob Schieiffer asks Obama, the trainer for ACORN, if Governor Sarah Palin is qualified!

Obama wants union agreements part of free trade agreements– which would not make them free trade agreements.

Good God. Obama just smeared our greatest ally in South America– Says he wants to hold Colombia accountable for violence against unionists.
The truth is– they have.
It’s very disappointing that the media will give Obama a pass on this at the expense of the Colombian people.

** Obama just lied about his votes on infanticide.
Gianna Jessen knows the truth.
Born Alive Truth has more on Obama’s sick infanticide votes.

No crushing blows but a good showing by McCain.

UPDATE: The focus group on FOX News with Frank Luntz thought Obama won the debate but they still don’t trust him.

Karl Rove says Obama has not closed the deal.

Governor Palenty said in support of McCain that it was the “Joe the Plumber” debate.
Palenty is right. The debate may have been a tossup but “Joe Plumber” won:

The most memorable lines tonight were about Joe Plumber and Obama’s “spread the wealth” policies.
Drudge says its “Joe the Plumber’s Election.”

The People’s Press Collective was covering the debate tonight in Colorado.

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