Dem Spokesperson Praises Palin & Blasts Obama on Handling Financial Crisis (Video)

Well, at least one democrat listened to the debate last night and did not just read the DNC talking points memo.

Democratic spokesperson and former Clinton official Kirstin Powers blasted Barack Obama for his inaction during the financial crisis.
Powers also admitted that Gov. Sarah Palin is the only one who gets it:

Kirstin Powers weighed in on the Pelosi-Reid Congress after the bailout vote today. She also talked about Barack Obama and Sarah Palin.
This statement was loaded with goodies:

If their approval rating matched what their own opinion on themselves is they’d be in great shape. You know, it’s kind of incredible to watch them patting themselves on the back… The fact of the matter is they’re cleaning up a mess. And, the fact of the matter is at least in the short term they created with their inaction in getting this passed in the first place. And, having a bill go down by 12 or 13 votes was just inexcusable to have a vote like that in the middle of the day when the markets are open and you don’t even know that you have the votes…

And, in terms of Barack Obama, he didn’t make any calls the first time around. I’m glad he was making calls this time.

Another thing that they’re not talking about very much was Sarah Palin interestingly was the only person I’ve heard say anything about it. She said it last night. Is the responsibility or the irresponsibility of the American people… People need to learn to live within their means and not be signing up for loans that they can’t afford. Everybody is not helpless. There’s personal responsibility and they need to be talking directly to the American people and Sarah Palin is the only one who is doing that.

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