Dem Leaders Knew Mahoney Sex Scandal Was About to Go Public From a Gateway Pundit Post Last Month

Well, it’s a start- The far left liberal nutjobs in Congress read conservative blogs anyway.

When Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she just heard about the Tim Mahoney sex and hush money scandal and Rahm Emanuel pretends that he was shocked about today’s news
Don’t believe them.

The head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, liberal Congressman Chris Van Hollen , knew about it last month from a posting here on this blog.
Don’t believe for a second that he kept it to himself.


Here’s today’s knee slapper…
In last month’s campaign ad Democrat Tim Mahoney talks about sponsoring legislation to create an independent ethics council in Congress:

That’s just too much.
The guy who cheats on his wife, cheats on his mistress, and then pays her tens of thousands in hush money (funneled through his campaign?) wants to start an ethics panel?
That’s like putting Bill Clinton in charge of interns.
Mahoney was accused today of a slimy sex and hush money scandal with a former female employee.

Before the story broke today– I posted on this sex scandal last month.
Apparently, it caught the attention of the head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee liberal Chris Van Hollen from Maryland.
The Palm Beach Post reported:

Emanuel, who recruited Mahoney to run in 2006, only heard vague rumors in early 2007 and didn’t know they involved a staffer or payments, spokeswoman Sarah Feinberg said.

“Upon hearing a rumor, Congressman Emanuel confronted Congressman Mahoney, told him he was in public life and had a responsibility to act accordingly and appropriately, and urged him to do so. They had no further conversations on this topic,” Feinberg said.

Van Hollen, head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, heard rumors about Mahoney only last month, a spokeswoman said.

“After a rumor recently surfaced on a blog about Mr. Mahoney’s affair, the Chairman spoke briefly once with Mr. Mahoney about his responsibility as an elected official to act appropriately and urged him to come clean with his constituents if there was any truth to the rumor,” DCCC spokesoman Jennifer Crider said.

Pelosi says she wants to thoroughly investigate these charges.
Not likely.
There is too much filth here. She’ll probably just ignore it like all of the other crimes committed by members of her caucus.
Thats how it works in the Pelosi Swamp.

Rep. Foley’s Replacement Tim Mahoney (D-FL) Already Caught Up in His Own Sex Scandal

UPDATE: Mahoney orders an ethics investigation on himself(?)
He’s a little late.

More… Since we’re on the topic- Today would be a good day to donate to conservative Republican Tom Rooney who is running against Mahoney this year.

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