Barack Obama: Elderly White People Have Moblike Instincts (Audio)

More Hope and Change for America…
Barack Obama says that elderly white people have moblike instincts:
These words come from Barack Obama himself. He recorded this clip from his book “Dreams From My Father—A Story of Race and Inheritance”.
Of course, the media won’t touch this with a 10 foot pole.
This clip was previously posted by Dan Caplis:

“…for many white people of my grandparent’s generation and background the instincts ran in an opposite direction, the direction of the mob.” pg 21

No doubt, this would include his grandmother, the typical white person, who Obama has compared to his racist, anti-AmeriKKKan pastor Jeremiah Wright. It goes without saying that if any caucasian politician would ever say anything remotely as racist as this their career would be over in about 5 seconds.

Meanwhile… The Left pounded McCain for using the term “that one” during the presidential debate to refer to Obama.
…It’s hidden racism or something.


Barack Obama: “That’s Just How White Folks Will Do You… White People Have Demons” (Video)

UPDATE: Look for tomorrow’s “Obama whitey attack” here at this blog!

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