ABC Refuses to Run Right to Life Ad That Attacks Obama

More silencing of the Obama critics

ABC television network is refusing to run an ad by a pro-life group that attacks Obama on his pro-abortion and infanticide voting record.

Pro-Life groups have been very hard on Obama this year for his 4 votes in support of infanticide:

The fact that Obama supported such a barbaric practice is something the media wants to keep a lid on. reported:


The ABC television network is coming under fire from a leading pro-life group for censoring a political radio ad that criticizes Barack Obama’s pro-abortion voting record. National Right to Life hoped to run the ad during the nationally syndicated Sean Hannity radio program.

The ad asks Obama when he will apologize for calling the group “liars” for pointing out how he misrepresented his votes in the Illinois legislature against bills that would require medical care for babies who survive failed abortions.

Two nonpartisan groups, and have verified NRLC’s claims as true — leading the pro-life group to produce the ad.

On Friday, NRLC received notice from ABC Radio Network that it would not air the ad during Hannity’s radio program.

In an email to National Right to Life, ABC Radio Network executives claimed the ad, “while supporting aspects of a Pro-Life position, weighs more heavily toward electioneering.”

However, the ad is paid for by the NRLC political action committee, which is allowed to do “electioneering” under federal law.

“ABC’s rejection smacks of being a politically motivated gag order,” NRLC communications director Derrick Jones told “It seems that the pro-Obama leanings of the mainstream media have overflowed into their sales departments as well. To reject a political action committee’s ad because they think it is too political, borders on the absurd.”

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