University of Illinois Tipped Off Obama Colleague On Annenberg Records Request

Global Labor reported today that a close Obama associate was tipped off about the requests of information regarding the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC) before the records were released.
Obama worked with terrorist Bill Ayers for several years leading the organization.

Obama CAC colleague and friend Bill Ayers is seen here on the US flag.

Global Labor reported:

The President of the University of Illinois, B. Joseph White, and the University Counsel of the University of Illinois, Thomas Bearrows, contacted Kenneth C. Rolling, the former Executive Director of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC) and a professional colleague of Barack Obama for many years, prior to the release of CAC records to the public late last month and offered Rolling an opportunity to recommend to the University which records of the CAC held at the University’s Chicago campus (UIC) should be restricted from public access.

There is much more to the story at Global Labor.

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