Three Teen Girls Buried Alive in Honor Killing

Three teenage girls were shot and then buried alive by their own tribe in an honor killing.
The teen girls wanted to choose their own husbands.
The Irish Times and ROP reported:

THREE TEENAGE girls have been buried alive by their tribe in a remote part of Pakistan to punish them for attempting to choose their own husbands, in an “honour” killing case.

After news of the deaths emerged, male politicians from their province Balochistan defended the killings in parliament, claiming the practice was part of “our tribal custom”.

The girls, thought to have been aged between 16 and 18, were kidnapped by a group of men from their Umrani tribe.

They were driven to a rural area and then injured by being shot. Then, while still alive, they were dragged bleeding to a pit, where they were covered with earth and stones, according to the findings of Human Rights Watch, the international campaigning group.

Officials, speaking off the record, confirmed the killings.

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