St. Louis KMOV Secretly Switches Report On Obama Truth Squad

St. Louis KMOV Channel 4 changed the Obama Truth Squad report on their website.

They removed the lead-in that mentioned:

“Obama’s campaign asked law enforcement to target anyone who lies or runs a misleading television ad…”

And, replaced it with toned down language:

“September 23rd, 2008 The Barack Obama campaign is getting help from local prosecutors, both Democrats, to clarify TV ads the campaign believes are misleading.”

Notice how different that sounds?
This is pretty insidious, isn’t it?
KMOV did not report that they had changed their story.


It’s like how Winner changed that astroturf video about Sarah Palin and the Alaska “secessionist” party, toned it down before it ran on FOX News so it didn’t look as inflammatory as it did on You Tube.

Here’s a link to the reporter John Mill’s response to this controversy. Like St. Louis Post Dispatch reporter Jo Mannies, Mills insists that John McCain has “truth squads” too.
However, he does not mention that the McCain squads are not threatening lawsuits against opponents.
The Democratic prosecutors and sheriffs supporting Barack Obama are threatening to drag opponents to court and sue them.
Hat Tip BG

UPDATE: St. Louis GOP leader Ed Martin notes that the Obama supporting public officials are not backing down from their original statements.

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