Speaker Pelosi Blasts "Unpatriotic" Republicans For Skipping Meeting… A Meeting Dems Did Not Invite Them To!! (Video)

Despicable Nancy Pelosi calls GOP Unpatriotic for missing a meeting–
A meeting they were not invited to.

Keep that in mind while you watch this video:

Via HotAir.

Here’s some behind the scenes politicking by Democrats at the Congressional bailout talks today, via the House GOP:


I Just wanted to shoot this story regarding the ongoing negotiations your way before you hear the media spin the Dems are feeding them. Republicans were told today’s negotiations were for “principles.” Meaning each party’s lead negotiators – Senators Chris Dodd and Judd Gregg and Reps. Blunt and Frank. When we showed up to the meeting the list of Dems walking in the door kept growing to include all the above along with Democrats:

Rahm Emanuel (arguable the most political member of the House)
Charles Rangel (currently under an ethics investigation)
Senator Max Baucus
Senator Chuck Schumer (again, one of the most polarizing Members of Congress)
Senator Kent Conrad
Senator Jack Reed

That’s hardly the deal we were promised, like Mr. Blunt quipped to reporters, “I think the ratio’s about fair. It’s two to eight or something.”

And, the Dem spin machine is still in full swing. They said we boycotted earlier meetings, well, as Chris Dodd said last night on NBC, they just forgot to call us. So, maybe an 8-2 fight is the best we’ve had all week because we are at least at the table.

Later today… Speaker Pelosi had the gall to go before cameras and call the Republican members of the House “unpatriotic” for not attending that earlier meeting.
(The meeting Dodd admitted they weren’t invited to.)

And, here is more from Pelosi claiming she was never warned about the financial crisis.
She’s lying, of course.

UPDATE: More from the House GOP offices:

Well, we didn’t go to yesterday’s meeting because they didn’t invite us. Dodd even said on NBC nightly news last night that they just forgot.
It’s pretty infuriating.

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