Pit Bull With Lipstick Has Obama Treed

Today at Obama’s rally in Ohio frightened supporters chanted: “No Pit Bulls!… No Pit Bulls!”
Even his supporters have lost their gusto… Sad.

The democrats have had enough of the tough-talking Alaska mom.
They want this former beauty queen to stop with her mean attacks.
She does look pretty threatening…

The rockstar Republican reformer has knocked Obama off his pedestal and The One is hurting.
The AP reported:

Obama’s supporters appear to be just as fired up against Palin. In Farmington Hills, they booed when Obama first mentioned her name and laughed dismissively when he said she had a compelling biography. “Whatever,” an audience member shouted.

In Dayton, Ohio, Tuesday, the crowd waiting for Obama to take the stage chanted “No pit bulls! No pit bulls!” — a reference to Palin’s joke that lipstick is the only thing that sets hockey moms like her apart from the dogs.

Since picking Palin on his ticket, McCain has built a 15 point lead among independent voters.
“No Pit Bulls!”


UPDATE: Apparently, Obama thinks the Palin pit bull is a pig.

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