Pakistan Releases Video of Suicide Truck Blast at Islamabad Marriott

Pakistani officials released video of the suicide truck bombing at the Islamabad Marriott that killed at least 53 people yesterday:

The Czech Ambassador to Pakistan and at least 2 American Defense Department officials were among those killed in the blast.
At least 53 people were killed in the massive bombing.
The BBC reported:

Rescuers in the Pakistani capital are continuing to search for bodies and survivors of a suicide bombing at a hotel, which killed at least 53 people.

Some 266 others were hurt in the blast, which devastated the Marriott Hotel.

CCTV footage shows an explosives-laden lorry ram the security gate. Shots are fired and flames are seen in the cabin moments before the vehicle explodes.

Most of the dead were Pakistani. The Czech ambassador was among at least four foreigners killed.

US and Vietnamese citizens were also killed in the blast, in which at least a dozen foreign nationals were wounded. The Danish foreign ministry said one of its diplomats was missing.

Six Britons and an unknown number of Saudi, German, Moroccan, Afghan and US citizens, were among those hurt.

The security guards in the video tried to put out the fire after the driver blew himself up but, the truck exploded anyway. It never got closer than the gate and left a massive crater 30 feet deep!

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